The Prosecutor’s Office places Camps as the "patient 0" that offer to Gürtel to operate in the Community

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The Prosecutor’s Office has located the former president Francisco Camps as the “patient zero” who offered the Gürtel plot to move to the Valencian Communitywhere he “colonized” and “parasitized” the institutions of the Generalitat, and has accused him of influencing a subordinate to hire the network in an “absolutely arbitrary” manner.

Anti-corruption presented this Monday at the National Court its accusatory thesis against Camps in the trial against more than twenty defendants in which it requests one year in prison for him and six years of disqualification for fraud in competition with prevarication, a penalty less than the that I originally requested.

The fiscal Conception Nicholas has exposed in its final report a dynamic of “parasitization” and “colonization of the institutions of the Valencian Generalitat” through which the Gürtel plot was installed in the Community “through a patient zero”, Camps, “who offered to leave to Valencia”.

Camps is accused of using “his hierarchical and prevalent situation” to influence a former senior official, Salvador Ibarsand “induce” her to hire the company Orange Market for the assembly of an exhibitor at the 2009 Fitur fair, a “personal, illegal and absolutely arbitrary hiring.”

But also “absolutely intelligent” because this company had “experience”, “prestige”, and “privileged information” and, in addition, “there was an economic reason”: the debt of 942,892 euros that the PP had with Gürtel would be reduced.

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