The Prosecutor’s Office warns that the number of minors victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation almost tripled in 2022

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The Report of the State Attorney General’s Office warns that the number of minors trafficking victims con purposes of sexual exploitation It almost tripled in 2022. This organization estimates that there were 13 minors identified last year. “It represents a significant increase compared to the previous year,” he warns on the International Day against Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking.

Specifically, the Madrid prosecutor highlights that the increasing trend in the number of procedures in which the victims of exploitation in prostitution are minors, both women and men, often coming from families with difficulties, some in a situation of helplessness, with weak family or social support, who are attracted to an activity such as prostitution as a means of obtaining immediate economic gain.

Only in the Madrid prosecutor’s office eight of the new procedures of the year 2022 These are cases of minor prostitution. “This implies intensifying coordination efforts, both with the prosecutor’s office for the protection and guardianship of crime victims, as well as with the minor protection section, with the administrative entity responsible for minors and with the directors of the centers in which some are residing,” he warns.

In total, victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation identified in 2022 amount to 231, of which five were men, so 97.8% of these victims were women. To the identified victims we must add another seven people at serious risk.

The women come mainly from South American countries: Colombia (60), Paraguay (29), Brazil (25), Romania (15) Venezuela (11), Honduras (7), Dominican Republic (6), El Salvador, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama and Peru. And in the case of the 24 victims whose specific nationality is not stated, it is known that they are mainly from South America. There are also victims from Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, China, France, Ukraine, and Albania. 4 Spanish victims have also been detected.

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