The protest becomes radicalized with violent clashes with the Police in Ferraz and Sánchez clings to the amnesty: "They won’t break us"

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While the investiture has not arrived, the mood on the street continues to heat up. Yesterday, thousands of people once again staged demonstrations against the amnesty in front of PSOE headquarters throughout Spain, with special emphasis on Madrid. The mobilization in front of Ferraz was once again large – 7,000 people according to the Government delegation, almost double that of Monday – but it ended up monopolized by a group of radicals who provoked charges from the National Police, this time repelling the launching of fences. and other objects that they received at around ten at night. In parallel, the protests escalated a degree with a second wave of people who began to move through the center of Madrid, cutting off Gran Vía, Paseo del Prado and arriving near Congress.

The mood of the demonstrations has evolved significantly since the first concentrations in front of PSOE headquarters last Friday. Already then, in addition to against the socialists, there were cries asking the National Police to “join” the protests. These proclamations were repeated yesterday with more intensity: “Police, unite,” “those milkmaids, go to the border.” And they culminated with the direct attack and the throwing of objects at the riot police by radicals, who even confronted the protesters themselves who were trying to neutralize them without success.

The mobilizations were channeled in the first days by the youth group Revolt, close to Vox but without official links with the party, but already this Tuesday other groups, with openly ultra aesthetics, took over the first row of the march in front of Ferraz, displacing the peaceful protesters who reproached them for an attitude that ended up causing the charges and the subsequent pitched battle for the center of Madrid. Likewise, the political presence at the march was much smaller. While on Monday both the leader of Vox Santiago Abascal and the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León attended the rally, Juan García-Gallardoyesterday the institutional representation was not visible in the first rows, which were filled from the first hour.

The Popular Party, beyond criticism of the police action on Monday night, has not wanted to be linked in any way with the demonstrations in front of the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz and calls for its own next Sunday at noon in all the provincial capitals. The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, will attend the event that will be held at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. In addition, the party will also support the demonstration called by civil society in Cibeles on November 18.

“Social unrest is the responsibility of Pedro Sánchez, but the protests must be based on the respect and exemplarity that the PSOE and its partners always lacked,” Alberto Núñez Feijóo wrote on X -formerly Twitter. «We are not like them. Not like the minority that acts the same,” said the leader of the PP, who called on critics of the amnesty to join the demonstrations promoted by his party: “See you on Sunday the 12th at 12 in the squares throughout Spain.”

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