The PSOE and Díaz charge against Feijóo for the concentration: "He has no leadership; follow a former president"; "calls for national rebellion"

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In Ferraz and La Moncloa they nodded their heads. The announcement by the PP to call an event on Sunday, September 24 in Madrid is not that it puts the socialists on alert, but rather, in their opinion, it confirms a thesis that they have been handling for a long time: the leadership of Alberto Núñez Feijóo is weakened in the PP. Because? Because the announcement of this concentration against the Government occurs only a few hours after José María Aznar called for civil mobilization against a possible amnesty.

“How is Feijóo’s leadership?” they ask ironically from the leadership of the PSOE. “A defeated candidate, who is heading towards another defeat, whose agenda is set by a former president….always overacting,” they state in Ferraz.

In La Moncloa they consider that the reflections made this Tuesday by the spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, after hearing Aznar’s words, become even more valid. Especially because, she understands, Feijóo assumes these postulates of inciting a “national rebellion.” Because in the presidential complex they understand that what the former president did and what the PP assumes is a call for a “national, not civic, rebellion.”

“It is absolutely serious that a former president of the Government makes these types of statements, which are more like anti-democratic and coup behavior than those of a former president,” he said. Rodríguez. “What would be next, an uprising?”

The socialists who say they are not concerned about this demonstration, come to a conclusion: “The old PP rules in the PP. If Feijóo came for the politics of his party to be marked by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, they did not need saddlebags for this trip. It is the same manual from the 90s. Outbursts, risqué demonstrations, denial of reality… a party that lives in 1996 cannot govern the Spain of 2024,” they say in the leadership of the PSOE.

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