The PSOE and Junts will present their pact in the next few hours after closing an agreement on the amnesty

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In recent days, “imminent” has been an adjective that has accompanied PSOE and Junts on more than one occasion. But it has never quite lived up to its description. Now yes. Socialists and independentists see the end of the road and will present their pact, which includes an agreement on the amnesty law, in the next few hours, after closing an agreement this morning, as EL MUNDO confirms. All the machinery is activated. The exchange of proposals and wordings has continued well into the night, following Carles Puigdemont’s demands to expand the perimeter of the pardon, with the aim of shielding himself after the judge’s accusation of terrorism. Garcia Castellon. And down the chimney there will be white smoke.

The presentation of the amnesty pact between the PSOE and Junts clears the way for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, although an agreement with the PNV would still have to be signed. The date also contains his circumstances: 9-N. Nine years have passed since the illegal consultation that took place in Catalonia.

From Brussels and Madrid in the last hours they already anticipated that the pact could be presented “at any time.” The negotiation was very advanced and even the socialists believed that they could sign last week. A forecast that was cut short by Junts’ demand to expand the scope of the amnesty to cases of lawfare that implicate collaborators of the fugitive from Justice. But there was an agreement with ERC and not with Junts, which angered Puigdemont’s team.

Although on more than one occasion the pact has been considered practically closed and then not confirmed, on this occasion there is an expectation that the signature can be signed on paper. It would be in Brussels, where the number three of the PSOE is located, Santos Cerdan, who has been in the European capital since Sunday trying to overcome the obstacles. Puigdemont’s collaborators are also in the city: the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turulland the parliamentary spokesperson Miriam Nogueras.

Despite the slowdown in recent days, both parties have always shown optimism that there would be an agreement and that the negotiation would not be completely derailed. announced that the agreement is now closed, as this newspaper has confirmed. There will be staging and signing in the next few hours, and the investiture and presentation of the amnesty law will take place next week, as socialist sources of the negotiation have already been saying.

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