The PSOE asks to close the party headquarters due to the call for new demonstrations in front of them

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Order to close the PSOE headquarters. To go home early and not schedule any activities for the afternoon. The call for new demonstrations in front of the socialist headquarters has led the PSOE leadership to make this decision. This is how it has been communicated Ferraz in a letter to the regional, provincial and island organization secretaries and to the national regional managers.

“In view of the call for rallies in front of the PSOE headquarters that are taking place these days and due to the aggressive spirit of their calls, we ask you to follow the criterion of suspending activities during the afternoon at the headquarters, whether they are gatherings, meetings of work, etc. and extend this recommendation to the entire national scope”, is stated in a letter that they have sent Santos CerdanSecretary of Organization, and Ana Maria Fuentesmanaging director.

On Monday, demonstrations took place in front of the PSOE headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Badajoz, Valladolid, Salamanca, Pamplona and Oviedo, among other locations. In the capital, the Police dispersed the protesters with gas. The Government has endorsed this police action, criticized by the opposition: “They always act under the parameters of proportionality to guarantee the safety of everyone, using in each case the response they deem appropriate for that proportionality,” said Isabel Rodríguez, spokesperson. of the Executive.

Given the proliferation of more calls to protest the pact that the PSOE is negotiating with ERC and Junts to approve an amnesty law, the socialist leadership conveys to its workers the need to reduce hours, not to be at the headquarters in the afternoon. “In the case of headquarters workers, the recommendation to end the in-person work day in the early afternoon should also be followed.”

The socialists are confident that “these preventive considerations” will be “shortly unnecessary,” but “we will remain vigilant.” That is, they will remain in force as long as these calls exist or the possibility that there may be. “Personal safety is a priority for us.”

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