The PSOE blames "the far right" of the riots, the PP remains silent and Vox accuses Marlaska of using the Police

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As time passes since the police charges in the protests against the amnesty, which have ended with, at least, one detained and 10 slightly injured, Political reactions also come.

The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has expressed solidarity with “the socialist militancy that is suffering from the harassment of the reactionaries in the houses of the people.”

The toughest has been acting Minister of Finance and Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, María Jesús Montero, This Monday, from his X account, he accused the “ultra-right” of seeking “out loud” in front of the socialist headquarters “what they did not win at the polls.”

Montero thus responded on his social networks to the demonstration held in front of the federal headquarters of the PSOE on Ferraz Street in Madrid, which was attended by the leader of Vox, James Abascal, and that ended with police charges and at least one detainee, according to reports from the Government Delegation in Madrid.

“The extreme right wants to win by shouting in front of our headquarters what they did not win at the polls. Is this the roadmap for Vox and the PP? This really is breaking Spain and threatening Democracy. If they think they are going to intimidate us, they do not know the PSOE, its history or its militancy,” Montero warned.

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