The PSOE demands from the PP the expense of employing 70 police officers to spy on Bárcenas in ‘operation Kitchen’

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The PSOE has presented an appeal for the National Court that reviews the decision of the judge in the Kitchen case to order that the PP sit on the bench as civil liability. The investigating magistrate denied the socialist request, alleging that it had been submitted when the deadline for it had already expired.

In the appeal brief, the socialists disagree with the judge’s arguments and estimate that they were within the period that the Civil Code establishes for cases of this type, in which amounts are claimed from those who, without having participated in the crime, have benefited. economically. In this case, the PP would fit into the figure of the lucrative participant because he was the final beneficiary of the maneuvers by the Ministry of the Interior to steal information compromising for the party from former treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

The letter from lawyer Gloria Pascual does not stop at demanding that the PP pay the slightly more than 50,000 euros of reserved funds that were given to the former treasurer’s driver so that he could spy on him. She demands that the expense of national police dedicated to maintaining surveillance on Bárcenas be added to that amount so that information harmful to the PP is not uncovered in the investigation of the Gürtel case.

The appeal indicates that, although initially the PSOE had determined the participation of a dozen police officers, the indictment of Anti-corruption It is estimated that there were at least 70: eight group chief inspectors, two sub-inspectors, eight officers and 52 agents.

The socialists ask the Criminal Court of the Court to order the preparation of a report estimating the personnel expenditure that this entailed, to later claim it from the PP in the trial for the kitchen operation.

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