The PSOE hands over the presidency of the Navarrese municipalities to Bildu to prevent UPN from getting it

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The PSOE of Navarra facilitated its votes in the Federation of Municipalities of Navarra for what Xabier Alcuaz of EH Bildu is the first president a patriot of the more than half a thousand town halls and councils of the regional community. The support of the socialists for the Bildu candidate prevented the mayor of Tudela Alejandro Toquero (UPN) acceded to this position despite the fact that his party governs 53% of the Navarrese councils. “This is the first payment from the PSOE to EH Bildu for Sánchez’s investiture,” denounced the president of UPN Javier Esparza after the vote.

The Socialist Party of Navarra (PSN) voted in favor of Alcuaz, the first mayor of Tafalla, with the argument of ensuring “collaboration” between the municipalities of Navarra and the regional government chaired by Maria Chivite. A justification that was attacked by the leader of UPN Javier Esparza who, after consummating the pact between PSN and Bildu, linked it to the negotiations for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. «This is a payment to the investiture [de Sánchez] and the rest are tall tales,” warned Javier Esparza.

“EH Bildu maintains a stony silence because it already has an agreement with the PSOE and now we are checking what this hidden pact consists of,” warned Esparza, who already after the meeting with Felipe VI last Monday warned of the consequences for Navarra of the negotiations between the left a patriot and Pedro Sánchez. According to the results of the last municipal elections, EH Bildu only has mayors in 18% of Navarrese town councils, a percentage similar to those governed by independent local groups, while the PSN controls 6% while Geroa Bai leads 4%. of the Navarrese town councils.

However, the PSN decided this Friday to add its votes to those of Bildu, independents and nationalists to facilitate the coalition of room the highest institutional representation of the town councils of the regional community. “If you strengthen EH Bildu you are strengthening the political project of Euskal Herria that ETA defended,” Esparza warned. The leader of the UPN regionalists also launched a forceful announcement, “If we have to go out into the streets to defend Navarra we will do it,” stated Javier Esparza.

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