The PSOE ignores the Barcelona demonstration against the amnesty: "Did not meet expectations"

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The massive mobilization experienced this Sunday in the streets of Barcelona against the granting of a possible amnesty and the holding of a referendum leaves the PSOE impassive. Despite the clamor that was experienced, the socialists consider that society demonstrated on July 23, within the framework of the general elections, and that this is the mobilization that has legitimacy. Because the dome of PSOE It is based on an idea: “The demonstration met the expectations” of the right.

What do socialists mean? This Sunday, 50,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona, ​​according to the Urban Guard, and 300,000 according to the organizers. In the demonstration on October 8, 2017, in full processthe organizers estimated one million attendees, a figure endorsed by Government Delegation who considered it good, while the Urban Guard of Barcelona reduced attendance to around 350,000 people. Another fact: on the Day of last September 11, the Urban Guard estimated that there were 115,000 attendees, a figure that the ANC raised to 800,000.

These are the data. The conclusion of the PSOE: “It was a much smaller demonstration than others that have taken place in Catalonia.” The socialists celebrated this Monday in Ferraz, national headquarters of the formation, the Executive of the party, with assistance from Pedro Sánchez. “There was an attempt to politicize this demonstration by the right and the extreme right,” said Pilar Alegría, acting Minister of Education and spokesperson for the PSOE. “So much that he likes it PP to say that we have to listen to the street, they have to listen to it”.

But the PSOE uses the latest electoral processes as a legitimizing argument for its negotiation on the amnesty with the independentists, where, they argue, they were the most voted force in the Catalan regional elections, the municipal elections in Barcelona and in general in this community. “It is not minor,” Alegría said about these results. “What Catalonia demands is coexistence, reunion, which is what we are working on from the PSOE.”

Because in a week in which the negotiations that have been active for weeks will be made visible with public meetings, the socialists avoid giving clues about the dialogue, but as they do Pedro Sanchezwho in each appearance takes a step further, leaves a new crumb on the way – he even pronounces the word “amnesty” and defends its application -, Alegría has done the same: “The different conversations are advancing in a reasonable manner, but they have to “Be discreet and prudent. When something is agreed upon, it will be explained.”

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