The PSOE is considering registering the Amnesty Law in the coming days to invest Sánchez in the week of November 6

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The PSOE is considering registering the proposed Amnesty Law in Congress in the coming days, together with Sumar, ERC, Junts, EH Bildu, PNV and BNG, with the idea that Pedro Sánchez can be invested later next week, they reported. socialist sources.

As EL MUNDO published, in recent weeks the exchange of drafts on the text of the future law between the Junts and PSOE teams has intensified to reach a consensus on the final version and the aim was to week of November 6 as the date on which the agreement is expected to be completely closed and to proceed with Sánchez’s investiture.

The Government is betting on the investiture in the first days of November as the ideal framework for the investiture – it is worth remembering that the PSOE and the European Socialist Party (PES) celebrate a Congress in Malaga on the 10th and 11thwith the presence of Sánchez-.

Last Saturday, during his speech before the Federal Committee, Sánchez openly defended for the first time the amnesty for those accused of the Catalan sovereignty process, and this Monday the Secretary of Organization of the Socialists, Santos Cerdanmet in Brussels with the former Catalan president and leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont.

A meeting in which it was confirmed that the negotiations are progressing “in the right direction” with Junts, as reaffirmed this Tuesday by sources from the PSOE leadership, who emphasize that their plans involve the investiture being held next week and which, furthermore, be done in a first round, without the need for a second vote 48 hours later.

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