The PSOE-Junts pact plans to extend the amnesty with "legislative amendments" If politicians see ‘lawfare’

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Although the text of the amnesty law will not be known until next week, the agreement announcement offered this Thursday by the PSOE and Junts offers some information about the rule. The most novel element is that it foresees that in the future there may be new “legislative reforms” that allow including in the amnesty what the judges have left out in the first phase.

The method to indicate those causes that should be included in the ‘revised amnesty’ due to their relationship with the process will be the creation of “inquiry commissions” that will investigate the lawfarethat is, in the alleged judicial war that the State would have waged against the process and his or her environment. The resolutions of the investigation commissions – it is not specified whether from the Parliament or the Lower House – are in the hands of the deputies.

The sentence of the agreement that reflects this is the following: “The conclusions of the investigation commissions that will be established in the next legislature will be taken into account in the application of the amnesty law to the extent that situations included in the concept could arise. lawfare or judicialization of the policy, with the consequences that, where appropriate, may give rise to liability actions or legislative modifications”.

In the absence of clarifications from the signatories – “it will be taken into account”, “they could”, “they could give rise” – everything indicates that, for example, if a commission of investigation reveals that the case is due to money laundering from drug trafficking of Puigdemont’s lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, was activated as part of that judicial war, the law could be adjusted so that it would be covered by the amnesty.

The same could happen with causes such as those that have led to the conviction of Junts leader Laura Borrás for hiring a close friend. Or even the accusations against Carles Puigdemont and Marta Rovira for the caso Tsunami if for some reason the Justice does not apply the amnesty in the first phase.

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