The PSOE promises "keep digging" relations with Rabat and Albares accuses the PP of a "disturbing anti-Moroccan turn"

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has defended the PSOE’s position with respect to Morocco, at the same time that he censored the PP’s criticism of Sánchez’s turn with respect to Western Sahara, warning of a “worrying” return of the main party of the opposition to “anti-Moroccan positions” which, in his opinion, “refer to the Perejil crisis”.

The diplomat expressed himself in this way in an interview with The vanguardhours after the PSOE presented its electoral program for 23-J, which only mentions Morocco in one sentence within its 262 pages to promise to continue “deepening into the new stage in our bilateral relations with Morocco, in which We have signed twenty agreements to strengthen cooperation in the fight against human trafficking and terrorism, migration cooperation, or the promotion of export companies and Spanish companies in Morocco”.

The socialist program for 23-J does not mention Ceuta in Melilla. Nor to Algeria, which moved away notably from the Government after Pedro Sánchez’s change of position regarding Western Sahara. On this matter, the PSOE program commits itself only to continue with humanitarian aid donations and to support “the Personal Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations to reach a mutually acceptable solution within the framework of the United Nations.”

In this context, Albares has defended that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has achieved “a mutually beneficial relationship” with Morocco.

Instead, he has considered that the PP is returning “to positions of clash with Morocco”, in “a disturbing return to anti-Moroccan positions that refer us to the Perejil crisis”, which is a “wrong approach”, he has judged.

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