The PSOE qualifies as "mediocre" the "presentation in society" of Feijóo as "next opposition leader"

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More than one hour and 40 minutes of intervention by Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Pedro Sánchez has not been seen taking a note. He listened from his seat. He was commenting with the first vice president, Nadia Calviño. Anger and discomfort in the socialist ranks with the initiatives, approaches and proposals made by the candidate for the investiture. “Candidate Feijóo’s speech has a watermark: that of the lie represented by saying that he has the votes to be president.” And a conclusion that emanates from the socialist leadership: “It has been a mediocre presentation in society of the next head of the opposition.”

There have been moments when the socialist bench has seen ironic smiles, surprised faces, comments… For example, when the leader of the PP has proposed the increase in the interprofessional minimum wage, since the PP opposed it every time in that was voted on in the last legislature, rising from 750 euros to 1,080 euros. “Cynicism”, “zero credibility”, “now he says that he is going to do everything he has opposed”, they comment in the socialist ranks.

“”Feijóo is incapable of spinning a speech without resorting to lies and hypocrisy. Because it is a lie to call this an investiture debate or to say that the PP raises the SMI more than the PSOE. And hypocrisy is appealing to renew the CGPJ and then making another excuse not to do so,” said the acting Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños.

“We have seen a speech full of cut and paste of the great successes and hoaxes common in Feijóo’s interventions. It does not seem that he has needed much preparation, since he has said nothing new in his long intervention. Incapable of responding to the message loud and clear that the Spanish citizens sent 23Jtakes refuge outside the seat of national sovereignty to search for what it does not find in the results of the elections,” they state from Ferraz after the intervention of the candidate for the investiture.

The socialists also emphasize the new crime that Feijóo has proposed to introduce in the Penal Code, that of “institutional disloyalty.” “Is this crime for those who have not completed the sentence for five years?” Constitution? Well they [PP] They would be condemned,” Patxi López, parliamentary spokesperson for the PSOE, said ironically in his assessment of the speech.

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