The PSOE wants to close the investiture in October before Leonor is sworn in

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“In October we have to work.” “Now we have to do everything that we have not done and finished before.” This is how you live in The Moncloa the nearest horizon and the days to come. «On Friday a new time begins». Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s ends and Pedro Sánchez’s begins. In the PSOE they strive to convey the image of being scrupulous and “respecting” times and procedures. For this reason, publicly they do not go beyond the “screen” until the Rey propose the socialist leader as a candidate, if that happens. But the truth is that within the Executive and the party it is assumed that it is now time to step on the accelerator and they trust and see an investiture in October as feasible and possible.

The PSOE sees itself as in a race, as if it were the protagonist of the Mario Kart -a famous racing video game that was released in 1992-. “Let’s go screen by screen”; “You don’t have to go through the screen, now is still Feijóo’s time”… they repeat socialist charges. But everyone admits, and knows, that since Friday it’s time to accelerate, you enter a “screen”, as they say, calibrate the risk of not crashing or going off and have the objective of adding points to reach the finish line.

Once Feijóo’s investiture fails definitively this Friday, at lunchtime, the PSOE officially stops moving in the shadows to monopolize all the spotlights and cannons of light. Although nothing is meant that could be interpreted as pressure or conditioning, they do believe that the King could hold a new round of consultations between Monday, October 2 and Tuesday, October 3. And that Sánchez went to the European summit in Granada -October 5 and 6- as an official candidate and even with an investiture date.

Which? As with the name of the person who would respond to Feijóo at his investiture, he was finally the rank and file deputy. Oscar Puente, is a secret that is still kept under lock and key. Sources from the socialist leadership argue that the date of the swearing-in of the Constitution of the Princess Eleanor, on October 31, agreed between Congress, the Government and the Royal House “is a clue.” “From October 16 to 27 there are two weeks and we only need one vote,” state socialist sources, alluding to the fact that the negotiation with the independentists aims to achieve at least 178 votes, exceeding the absolute majority of 176 required in the first vote of an investiture session. “Give it time.” All the people consulted do rule out an investiture before the National Holiday of October 12. “The president will then be in office,” admit government sources.

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