“The PTB is doing propaganda on their backs!”

Despite the floods, some believe that the PTB, which has a strong presence in the affected communities, is taking the opportunity to solicit. And just by looking at social networks, we can ask ourselves the question.

The PTB has published dozens of photos related to the floods since the start of the crisis. And if we have seen all the parties on the ground and many politicians, the others are much more discreet. As proof, since July 15, on the Facebook page of the national PTB, 30 publications with the word “floods” have been sponsored.

On the ground, several people also evoke this soliciting. Among them, the Verviers alderman Antoine Lukoki (PS). He was himself approached by one of the organs of the PTB while on his way to one of the neighborhoods affected by the floods.

Very present in the district of Pré-Javez since always, he will take a tour to see how things are going that day. “It was then that I saw people near the Lentz plain distributing bread and soup but who also took the coordinates of the people”, he explains.

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The alderman finds scandalous practice, and this is not the only one. A resident of the neighborhood in question also had a similar experience a few weeks ago. “It’s propaganda”

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