The public shouts at Pedro Sánchez: "Let Txapote vote for you!"on October 12

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He tried by all means, but the public that had surrounded the area around Plaza de Neptuno since early in the morning shouted louder. Pedro Sánchez has been rebuked once again, for the fifth consecutive year, in the parade on the occasion of the National Holiday.

The acting President of the Government arrived at the authorities’ gallery three minutes before the Kings of Spain with Princess Leonor. The public address system did not announce his arrival and he barely walked through the square, but the public detected him and turned against him. insults again, something that Margarita Robles acknowledged on Wednesday had always happened, but that the Executive spent these days blaming the Popular Party for the insults. “Every time in this country the Popular Party does not govern the National Party it stops being everyone’s party to be the party of insults,” he said from the table of the Council of Ministers Isabel Rodriguez.

There were more than three minutes of boos, which overlapped with the lives that received the caravan that brought the Kings, in the National Heritage Rolls Royce, and the Princess of Asturias, in a vehicle with its blue banner. When the Kings greeted the President of the Government, part of the public intoned: “Let Txapote vote for you!”

The presence of the Kings together with the Princess of Asturias, who returned to the parade after two years of absence and with her Army dress uniform with second-year cadet gold cords, double viewing angle and grancé beret. This year Don Felipe chose the gala uniform of the Air Force and Doña Letizia debuted a long-sleeved blue midi dress.

The music band performed the national anthem, moment in which we saw the King and his daughter continue standing at attention. Next, honors were paid and the head of the Honors Battalion presented news to Don Felipe, who reviewed that unit before greeting, along with Doña Letizia and the Heiress, the authorities present.

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