The Punic plot continues to deflate with the file of the case for another 40 defendants

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Nine years of judicial investigation and an archive. The head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6 of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has agreed this Monday to the provisional dismissal of piece 10 of the so-called Punic case, in which the hiring of online reputation jobs for PP positions entrusted to the companies EICO and Madiva of Alexander of Peter.

In an order, the magistrate files the case for the 40 people who were investigated in this procedure, among them the former mayors of Castellón, Alfonso Bataller; Denia, María Kringe Sánchez; Coslada, Raúl López Vaquero; Valdemoro, José Carlos Boza Lechuga, and Majadahonda, Foxá Alfaro’s Narcissusas well as other public positions.

Last September, the Criminal Chamber of the Court supported the file of the case ordered by García Castellón for others investigated in this same piece, among them for the former Madrid counselor Lucia Figar.

In his resolution, the judge concludes that once the investigation is completed and the proceedings are completed, the existence of a concert by these people to develop, through public procurement, a fraud scheme for the investigated crimes of falsification of a commercial document, embezzlement, is not appreciated. , prevarication, influence peddling and bribery, among others.

Furthermore, the judge is very critical of the position of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which in the last two years has refused to respond to the resolutions that have been notified to it. “The investigation of this separate piece, under article 324 of the Criminal Procedure Law (LeCrim), was concluded in the month of July 2021. Since then, despite successive transfers involving the adoption of some of the planned resolutions in article 779 LeCrim, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not been interested in any action”, emphasizes García Castellón.

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