"The pure benchmark thinking has survived"

Gleb Tritus

The entrepreneur is Managing Director of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

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Dusseldorf The series founder and Business Angel Gleb Tritus maintains contact with numerous start-ups, which deal with the areas of travel to artificial intelligence. In addition, he attracts talents, the Dax companies otherwise avoid. Most recently, he founded with the support of the media group Pro seven Sat 1 the mobile ticketing platform Todaytickets.

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin is considered a pioneer of the scene, which quickly implements ideas. What drives Managing Director Gleb Tritus? "Constant will to change and pronounced curiosity, Sustainably sharpened understanding of digital business models, successful series founders."

In 2019, Tritus was accepted as a member of the thought-leadership community, an initiative of the Handelsblatt and the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In an interview he talks about children's dreams, productivity killer and leadership.

Mr. Tritus, both Gleb and Tritus sound unusual to my ears – may I ask where the names come from?
Both are Russian and both are indeed very rare. Also, both make little sense: Gleb means "the omniscient" and tritus in about "church music".

Does the "omniscient" know what he wanted to become when he was little?
"Businessman", then the 80's counterpart to "Something about the media".

How does your day begin?
By reading e-mails and various news sites.

What do you do first thing in the morning in the office?
For the ongoing entertainment of my team a Cola Light from the fridge. One may have a vice, I think.

What are your strengths?

Do you have a personal motto that motivates and motivates you?
Less mottos, more individual biographies and case studies. I am fascinated by the CVs of Ferdinand Piëch and Rocky Aoki,

If you were the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but could only use the funds for a single cause, what would it be?
Promotion of contemporary framework conditions for faster financing, dynamisation and regulation of basic medical research. Even if the healthcare sector is a highly sensitive area, it can certainly take on more entrepreneurial character.

Please complete the sentence: I support my employees (junior staff, colleagues) in difficult situations by …?
… I am initially available almost seven days a week. The best management school brings little without accessibility and interaction.

A no-go in dealing with employees is for me?

If you had to write a book, what would it do?
I actually intend to do that. I still hesitate between a non-fiction book, for example about the construction of digital units in large organizations, and a novel. I have no topic for the latter. It certainly will not be start-ups.

These six skills need digital managers

Which tool is indispensable for you at work?
Todoist, a very decent digital to-do list. I tried them all. Slack is important too.

Your personal productivity killer?
Social media, Netflix, Dogs. The latter, however, always like.

With the money: your advice to colleagues for salary negotiations?
Justify, especially about individual content and results. My generation is still surprisingly often on the "It's my turn" train. As careers today are more zigzag and interdisciplinary than ever, benchmark thinking has survived.

The biggest benefit you've got from one of your networks so far?
My first job in the start-up ecosystem at age 15. That got me on track in 1999, where I'm still today. With my two bosses from back then, now successful series founders, I maintain contact today.

In conflict situations I am …?
… now more selective, if I do it to myself. Choose your battles wisely! I should take the advice seriously more often. Those conflicts that I have to engage with or have to get involved in are all the more purposeful to solve.

Glitches are …?
… largely avoidable through good planning. Real mistakes, on the other hand, are less and thus more memorable in a learning process. The fortune cookie wisdom that one learns from mistakes more than from successes, is very much.

In retrospect, what wrong decision would you have liked to make?
They are numerous, in all weight classes. I should have moved to Berlin earlier. I sold my bitcoins way too early. Entrepreneurially, I touched various topics with a wrong timing. This has all its raison d'être, as long as one learns from it halfway.

If I asked your friends, which alternative career options would you like?
Venture capital or something in the entertainment industry. Of course, I do not agree with the idea that there are overlaps in places.

How do you deal with stress?
Better than before. Anyone who has ever sewed an early-stage start-up on edge has a very specific definition of stress anyway. A healthy basic tension, however, I find important, because it helps to sharpen things.

You realize that you are unhappy in your job. What do you do?
To begin with, to understand soberly what's in it. If I can influence it, I take a start. Also several times. If I have no control, I am more consistent today than before – there are too many exciting opportunities in the digital age to ride dead horses.

A phrase that a good leader would never say …?
"Because I say so…".

Other bosses I would like to say …
Stay curious! In the career comfort zone you get, then as now, quickly into an administrative mode, also intellectual – increasingly in the fabled tech sector, by the way. That's human. At the same time, new things have never been as accessible as they are today.

How do you switch off in the evening and when do you go to bed?
Between 11pm and midnight. I'm still looking for a really effective way to switch off. But it should help tremendously to clear the smartphone aside.

Mr. Tritus, thank you for the interview.

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