The quadruple luck of Khadija and Cherive, the conjoined twins who were born joined at the navel

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Let conjoined twins be born, babies joined by some part of their bodies, It is very rare; It is estimated one birth of this type for every 250,000 twin births. These are very rare cases in the West and are mostly seen in countries where there is poor medical monitoring of pregnancy.

Many of these babies are not born alive or do not survive the first months of life due to the severity of the connection between them. And 20% are omphalopagus Siamese, which are joined by the navel and may share the liver and/or some part of the intestines. In this group are the Mauritanian babies Khadija and Cherive, who were born joined at the bottom of the sternum, with two distinct livers but connected by a common area of ​​6 centimeters in the center of the two organs, and by some blood vessels.

These babies are in the news today because they have successfully passed the surgical intervention of separation of their bodies to which they have undergone at the Sant Joan de Déu Maternal and Child Hospital, in Barcelona.

The case stands out for its technical complexity (it is the first case of this type in the Barcelona hospital) and also because the conjoined twins were born under adverse circumstances but They were subject to several chained fates.

According to the information provided today at a press conference by the hospital, the first fate of Khadija and Cherive and their family is existence of a cooperation program international organization of the Order of Saint John of God that contemplates both local health support in developing countries and the transfer of complex patients that require the technology and experience of this monographic center in Barcelona, ​​which is a national and international reference in rare childhood pathologies and youth.

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