THE QUEEN hasn't "earned a penny" from the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, according to Brian May


At the time of this writing, Bohemian Rhapsody has raised over $ 903 million worldwide. He is on the verge of splitting a billion dollars in profits, and according to Queen guitarist Brian May, the band didn't see a penny.

The film, which has won numerous Golden Globes and Academy Awards, among other awards, did not yield extra money to May and his teammates. He could reveal it to BBC Radio 2 & # 39; s Zoe Ball's breakfast show said:

"It's been a long love job – about 12 years of development, I think. We thought it would go well in the end and we felt good, but we didn't realize that it would have gone so well. It's incredible in everything the world – it's like a billion dollar movie.

I had to laugh the other day, because c & # 39; s something in the newspaper that says we would get rich from this movie. If only they knew. We had an accountant the other day and we still haven't earned a penny. It's not funny? How successful must a film be before making money? There are so many people that people don't realize that they will take pieces out of line. "

So I guess it's safe to assume that the industry is more obscure than the music industry is the film industry. I guess it's not a shocking revelation.

He may also have praised Rami Malek's performance, which portrays Queen Freddie Mercury's frontman: "I think Freddie does it with his dignity, but without having been whitened in any way. He is very real […] I think the people are astonished at how close he is to Freddie Rami [Malek]. The way he entered Freddie's body somehow, in his skin, is phenomenal. "

The film was criticized for minimizing Mercury's sexual sexuality and instead for his interest in men, and further criticism was given about the way the film made it look like the diagnosis of Mercury's HIV was somehow a punishment for his sexual inclination.

You can listen to the entire interview below:

[via Uproxx]

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