The Question of Covering Life on the Planet Mars, Team of Experts Says Too Small and Arid

The ancient planet Mars accommodated water like Earth, but the condition of the Planet called the Red Planet is very arid. – Expert Team state, Planet Mars too small to accommodate life. This is stated after para scientist expressed belief that, Planet Mars primordial holds water like the earth, but the condition of the planet called Red Planet This is very arid.

Some popular theories suggest that periods of volcanic activity shifted Mars’ climate, making the planet arid as it is today.

Another theory is that the lack of a strong magnetic field on Mars causes all the water on the Red Planet to evaporate.

The new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests a more basic reason why Mars no longer holds water: it’s too small.

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“There may be a threshold for rocky planet size requirements to retain enough water to allow for habitability and plate tectonics,” said Kun Wang, professor of planetary science at the University of Washington.

Plan of the City of Nüwa on Planet Mars.[dok ABIBOO]

The team of scientists studied the amount of potassium isotopes present in Martian meteorites, using the element as a sort of tracer for more volatile molecules, including water.

Experts found that during its formation, Mars lost more water and other volatiles than Earth.

The study emphasizes that there is a very limited size range for the planet, having enough water to develop a habitable surface environment.

The results of this study can guide astronomers in the search for habitable exoplanets in other solar systems.

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