The race against the rescuers of the time to save a child fallen into a well


Rescue workers at work to find the missing child, January 14, 2019. – Gregorio Marrero / AP / SIPA

The case holds an entire country pending. From Sunday, the Spanish authorities are trapped in a race against time to try to save a two-year-old boy who has fallen to a depth of over 100 meters.

"Rescuers are at work to reach the bottom of the well where a two-year-old child fell Sunday afternoon in Totalan, in the province of Malaga. (…) We have no news for the moment", said the services on Monday emergency response of Andalusia, the region where the accident occurred.

Attempts to locate the child

According to his family, the child fell into the 25 cm wide hole with no water markings while playing near his parents' lunch in the mountains. His parents are "killed" and "treated since the beginning by a team of psychologists," spokesman for the Spanish radio Elena Trigo told reporters.

The case is closely followed by the Spanish media and has generated many comments on social networks including that of the head of government Pedro Sanchez who declared on Twitter "the anguish of the boy's family" and called to keep "The hope of a happy ending ". One hundred
Rescuers were mobilized from Sunday to noon for this extremely complex mission. They have already tried unsuccessfully to locate the child by introducing cameras into the well.

A bag of candies

So far, only a bag of candy was found in the well that contained the boy, said Maria Gamez, prefect of the province of Malaga, on the television channel Antena 3.

The research is "very complicated" because of the characteristics of the well whose walls are not stable. "It's wet, cold, it's not easy to continue the research (…) No one is technically prepared" to perform a rescue "in such a small space," he noted. The representative of the government in the area, however, guaranteed that technologies existed and were taken into consideration for access to narrow and deep places. Many Spanish companies had proposed their solutions.


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