The race to develop a vaccine ()

London 27th March 2020:
                      At least 30 companies and
                      academic institutions, biotech startups and
                      large pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and
                      Sanofi on vaccines. Scientists have
                      already examined the entire genome of the virus and
                      found the proteins that made the infection

We believe that a number of
                      Biotech companies, including Gilead Sciences and
                      Moderna, in developing potential
                      Vaccines have made progress. Other
                      Biotech companies that use AI diagnostics
                      are also good in our opinion
                      positioned. These companies include
                      Insilico Medicine Inc., Vir Biotechnology Inc. and
                      Atomwise Inc.

While the stock prices of these companies continue
                      in our opinion, should rise
                      other healthcare innovators, including
                      Telemedicine companies like CareClix and Babylon
                      Health already with the UK NHS
                      cooperate, as well as long-distance conference companies
                      how ZOOM can benefit from it.

The US biotech company Moderna
                      has the first production quantity of one last week
                      Human clinical vaccine
                      delivered. This is a quick one
                      Processing time after the researchers
                      January the genetic sequence of the virus
                      have decrypted. Moderna’s vaccine is said to be one
                      undergo study faster than expected
                      with the help of volunteers from the Seattle area.
                      The study is funded by the National Institute of Allergy
                      and Infectious Diseases of the United States Government
                      Sponsored. The vaccine will not come from
                      actual virus produced but contains
                      the RNA of the coronavirus that the body cells
                      instructs to make a protein from the virus.
                      This protein does not cause infection, it is said
                      however, a reaction of the immune system to that
                      Trigger virus. Such medical innovations,
                      including Rapid Response Platforms
                      among the best ways to get a vaccine

The speed at which this experimental
                      Vaccine developed by Moderna is a
                      Breakthrough for medical science. Of the
                      Vaccine was developed in 42 days after
                      the company genetic information about that
                      Corona virus had received. Moderna sent the
                      The vaccine was immediately sent to scientists from the
                      U.S. government. So there is still the possibility
                      to develop a vaccine before Christmas,
                      but mass production is likely
                      take another 4-6 months.

An antiviral drug called “Remdesivir” from
                      Gilead Sciences already appears to be effective in animals
                      to be. It was used to be the first
                      American patients in Washington State too
                      to treat. Researchers are currently testing the drug
                      in clinical studies in the USA, China and
                      other countries.

The speed at which the world hits the
                      Virus outbreak responds in one
                      unprecedented time frame. After the SARS outbreak
                      in 2003 it took researchers almost 20 months to complete
                      a vaccine for human testing
                      prepare. At the time of the Zika outbreak in
                      In 2015, researchers had ensured that the
                      Schedule was only six months. Today could
                      first trials with the potential vaccine in
                      Start April, but the test and
                      Admission process would take at least a year
                      last. The first Covid-19 vaccine in China will be launched
                      expected for clinical trials in late April
                      be ready.

In China, the National Medical Products
                    Administration the use of favilavir, a
                    antiviral drug to treat the virus,
                    approved. The drug has the disease in one
                    clinical trial with 70 patients with minimal
                    Side effects treated effectively. The clinical
                    Study is being carried out in the city of Shenzhen.

When working on vaccines nowadays too
                    used a number of newer approaches called
                    “Plug and play” vaccines are known. Since we have the
                    genetic code of the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus
                    we now have the complete blueprint
                    for building this virus. scientist
                    separate small parts of the genetic code of the
                    Corona virus and put it in others, totally
                    harmless viruses. Other groups use parts
                    the raw genetic code (either DNA or RNA),
                    that start after injection into the body
                    should produce proteins that are
                    Can fight the immune system again.

In innovative
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