The rapidly spreading delta variety is changing the situation in Europe: we are entering a new phase of the pandemic

Daniel Altmann, a professor in the Department of Immunology at Imperial College London, tells Euronews that Europe is entering a new phase of the pandemic, linked to the spread of the delta strain.

According to the professor, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the delta strain can also infect those whose immune response after vaccination is weaker, as well as more cases are recorded among young people and the symptoms are stronger than previously observed.

The European Center for Disease Prevention estimates that by the end of August, the delta strain will account for 90%. all COVID-19 cases in Europe.

“Unfortunately, preliminary data suggest that this could also infect individuals who have received only one dose of the vaccines currently available,” the organization says.

It is emphasized that both vaccines provide reliable protection against this strain, but a large proportion of the European population has not yet been fully vaccinated.

“As long as most vulnerable people are not protected, we need to maintain a low circulation of delta atmanine in strict compliance with the measures that have helped control the spread of other options,” says the European Center for Disease Prevention.

WHO: In the coming months, the coronavirus delta strain will become dominant in the world

The highly contagious strain of coronavirus delta is likely to become the world’s dominant in the coming months, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

India’s first delta strain, which has already been detected in 124 areas – 13 more than last week – already accounts for more than three-quarters of new COVID-19 cases in many large countries, according to the WHO.

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“This strain is projected to soon compete with other strains and become dominant in the coming months,” the WHO said in a weekly review of the epidemiological situation.

In the United Kingdom, the alpha variety was detected in a total of 180 sites, followed by the beta in South Africa at 130 sites and the first in Brazil at 78 sites.

In several countries, the number of delta varieties has already exceeded 75%. all identified cases of COVID-19.

These countries include Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, the United Kingdom, China, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and the Republic of South Africa.

“More and more data show that the infectivity of the delta strain is higher than other non-disturbing strains. However, the exact mechanism of increased infectivity is not clear, “the WHO report said.

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