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The rare astronomical phenomenon “Eight Stars in a row” is taking place over Hong Kong. The Observatory said that there will be three “Five Stars Gathering” sessions in Hong Kong this year, and the second “Five Stars Gathering” this year will start on May 22, but mid to late June is the best viewing period of the year. 5 stars appear in the night sky for the longest time at the same time.

Among the planets, five are visible to the naked eye, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. When these 5 planets appear at the same time, it is the “Five Stars Convergence”. They span a certain distance in the sky and are best viewed with the eye in a clear night sky. Taking today (25th) as an example, Mercury, the latest of the five stars, will rise from the eastern horizon before 4:30 in the morning, and the five planets of earth, wood, fire, gold and water will be listed in the night sky at the same time until It lasted for more than an hour until it got brighter around dawn.

As for this “planetary convergence”, the most special thing is that the seven planets and Pluto will rarely be on one side of the solar system, so before sunrise, whether it is water, gold, fire, wood and Saturn that can be seen with the naked eye , or the invisible Uranus, Neptune and “dwarf planet” Pluto will all converge over Hong Kong. If citizens want to watch the “Eight Stars”, they must use binoculars to observe or photograph.

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The Observatory also taught the way. Viewed from Hong Kong, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto will appear near the ecliptic in the order of the east and south, reminding the public that if the weather is good, the public can be in the early morning for several weeks. Enjoy all the time. If you miss it this time, you will have to wait until 2205 to see the appearance of “Eight Stars” again.

“Five Stars Gathering” started at 4:30 am today. fb “Matthew Chin Photography” picture

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