The rarefied identity of Las Ventas makes the Corrida de la Hispanidad ugly

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The Hispanic bullfight recorded a magnificent entry despite the fall of the Morante poster – replaced by El Cid– and the livestock debacle of Núñez del Cuvillo that came to be rescued by Garcigrande and Victoriano del Río. More of 22.000 personas They witnessed a celebration with a rarefied atmosphere. Bullfighting has become fashionable in Madrid with the good it entails – flocks of young people doing the plan – and with the bad – the public without criteria does not distinguish malt from coffee -.

It would be good to talk to you about the legacy of the spirit of a masterful bullfighter. Not always recognized in this plaza but it has been a source from which entire generations of bullfighters have drunk: José María Manzanares father. He was honored in the morning with a tile.

The bullfight was ramshackle, wide, immense. Of Garcigrande the first two, from Cortés/Victoriano del Río the remaining four. The ovation that Madrid gave to one of his reference bullfighters, El Cid, when he broke the procession was emotional. The Sevillian was in tune all afternoon. Especially fine, committed and natural in the room. The first two rounds, on the right piton, put everyone in agreement. On the left the work did not reach the same level, the bull went down, winning without moving. There was little more he could do. In the first one he didn’t finish pushing, making everything easy, with pleasure but without putting that passion that the good paste of the bull required (palms and palms).

Isaac Fonseca he won to participate in this bullfight by winning the Chenel Cup. The performance of his group must be highlighted: Juan Carlos Rey and Raúl Ruiz embellished it with a cape and flags. The first remembered montera in the hand of the former mayor of Colmenar, Jorge García, who died in a traffic accident the night before. The Mexican gave himself up with the huge sixth that ran over him and turned hard. An obedient bull that didn’t finish breaking. The third galloped from long distance, the Mexican was more generous with the bull than the public with Fonseca (silence and greetings after request).

focused was Alejandro Talavante with a lot of few options, with a tie to the fifth – without continuity but humiliating – in which they asked him for an ear. With the first there was no possible cause (silence and greetings after request). The shortlist was left without a prize due to the rarefied atmosphere of the afternoon and his performances were not fully evaluated.

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