“The real numbers on infections, why does no one tell them in Italy?” – Free Daily

Alberto Zangrillo attacks the so-calledthe journals who continue to have an alarmist line on coronavirus, when according to the professor, reality shows that the infections are contained and above all there are very few hospitalizations, especially in intensive care. “Despite the Prime Minister’s ‘crazy reopening’ Boris Johnson, for the fifth consecutive day, collapse of Covid infections in Great Britainto. To know the news we must read The Times”, he writes in a post published on his Twitter profile in which he publishes the front page of the English newspaper. “The Italian press doesn’t care about good news”, concludes the head physician of the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele in Milan.

Two days ago he wrote, also on Twitter: “First: creating alarm is unjustified. Second: this is the clinical reality. Third: the vaccine protects”. He then remarked that the contagion situation is under control and that vaccines are indispensable. In fact, the picture in the San Raffaele hospital in Milan is this: “In the week of 17-24 July, 16 admissions to the emergency room for Covid (1.4 percent of the entire ps)”. Of these “15 were unvaccinated, 1 with a single dose. Mean age: 39 years”. And then, “twelve were discharged, 4 hospitalized not in intensive care, all not vaccinated. Average age: 54 years”.

Even in recent days the professor had attacked the Corriere della Sera for being too alarmist on the subject. “From the official data as of July 18, 2021, in Italy deaths from Covid 19 in young people (0.0083% in under 30s) are largely attributable to fragile and unvaccinated subjects. You can find everything, even today, in the first 7 pages of the Corriere del Virus “, he wrote on social media. “In the face of these real numbers, dedicating the first 6 pages of the Corriere to Covid-19 is equivalent, in my opinion, to creating panic”, Zangrillo remarked.

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