The reason Billie Eilish has suddenly lost 100,000 followers

Singer Billie Eilish is one of the most international artists of recent years and is used to giving a lot to talk about on social networks for its extravagant content, where he usually shares snapshots focused on his dress styles and also the latest advances in his professional career. However, what he might never have imagined was suddenly losing a staggering 100,000 followers for one of his publications.

The incredible reason for his second rain of ‘unfollows

Often the most recognized personalities accustom us to add thousands and millions of followers in their social networks, a figure that in many cases may sound unreal but of which they are more aware than anyone can imagine. The perfect test has been precisely the singer Billie Eilish, and she made it known in one of her last interviews, the one recently published by the magazine ‘She‘.

I lost 100,000 followers just because of my boobs. People are scared of big boobs, “he acknowledged during it, surprising a large number of his followers.” People cling to these memories and have attachment. But it is very dehumanizing, “he adds about the amount of criticism he received after sharing a publication in which the singer appeared with a Miaou brand corset from which a lace bra stands out.

At 19, Billie Eilish recognizes that she is at that age when she is still discovering her identity, so these criticisms can affect her much more, in addition to being a regrettable and constant practice to criticize her appearance and orientation sexual. The American, points to the machismo that surrounds international female artists: “as if it were someone else’s business”, in reference to your sexual orientation and appearance. However, it is not the first time that this sudden loss of followers has happened: in 2020 some ‘stories’ of a drawing with breasts motivated this shower of ‘unfollows’.

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