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The reason for the death of the Syrian artist Dina Haroun


The reason for the death of the Syrian artist Dina Haroun

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Syrian artist Dina Haroun left the world Monday, at the height of her talent and youth, at the Assad university hospital in Damascus, where she was treated.

During the three years of Haroun's disappearance, rumors about his health and his hospitalization are circulating, in a disease that has been described as "mysterious" and that has not known its exact nature.

The family of the artist Dina Silent, committed to her health, but Dina Harun has already denied in 2016 a mysterious disease, indicating that the cause of the "swelling of his right hand", pointed the insect, and has reported the raised of a serious illness.

Dina's health continued to be questioned, especially since she underwent surgery earlier this month. Sources confirmed she was successful and was discharged from intensive care, however her health it suddenly deteriorated after the operation, which was announced for its success and returned to intensive care after complications and breathing difficulties. And some infections in his lungs.

Other rumors said that Dina had a stomach cancer, which her family strongly denied, indicating that Haroun had problems with breathing and the intestine.

The sources in turn revealed that Dina had been admitted to hospital after the initial diagnosis by the worm overdose doctors, but they discovered late her stomach cancer, which spread rapidly and led to her death.

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