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The doctor who performed heart surgery on the leader of North Korea, Kim Than Un, was unable to complete the manipulations on time. This was reported to the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai by a source in the medical circles of China.

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23:3625th of April

According to him, the head of the DPRK during his next trip around the country felt unwell and was taken to the nearest hospital to provide assistance. At the same time, a request was sent to Beijing to send a team of qualified doctors.

Kim Jong-un’s condition was so threatening that a stenting operation on the heart blood vessels was entrusted to a local doctor. It is specified that this simple operation can be completed in about one minute.

According to the source, the surgeon was so worried that his hands were trembling literally. In addition, he did not have experience of such operations on obese patients. As a result, it took him about eight minutes, during which the North Korean leader “went into a vegetative state.”

On the evening of April 25, a message from the vice-director of the Hong Kong television HKSTV about the death of the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, appeared on Weibo’s Chinese social network. She said she received information from a “very reputable source.”

It was also reported that Kim Jong-un left Pyongyang because of the risk of catching a coronavirus and is in a private beach villa on the shore of the East Korean Gulf of the Sea of ​​Japan. Later, a train was discovered near the resort town of Wonsan, which possibly belongs to the North Korean leader.

The speculation about Kim Jong-un’s health began after he missed Kim Il Sung’s birthday celebration on April 15th. Four days before this, the politician was present at the government meeting, after which he did not appear in public.

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