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I’m 38 years old. three months when we have intercourse my battery is running out. Search I am using a sugar pill. Is it because of the sugar?
SUGAR The sexual life of patients may be adversely affected.
Premature ejaculation is one of these complaints. Therefore, diet, water, exercise, regular treatment and stress control are essential. Negative effects are more common in those who eat irregularly and use drugs irregularly. The most important cause of premature ejaculation is stress, distress, fear and anxiety.
When tiredness, insomnia, effort to prove and unwillingness are added to this, it would be useless if you swallowed three pills. 3 pills cannot be swallowed anyway. Be sure to see a Urologist. If your complaints do not go away, seek psychological support. Relationship is not a task. Tension triggers premature ejaculation.

42 year old single my man. 3 weeks ago my blood pressure rose. Follow-up I did, it didn’t fall. My doctor gave medicine. Now in my sex life a number of problems started to happen. side of the drug Could it have an effect?
IT COULD BE. Some blood pressure medications can slow the heart rhythm.
In addition, excitement about sexual life can cause a decrease in performance. Although the heart-protecting benefits are high, when these side effects are seen, the drug is stopped and a different drug is started. Your determination is important.
Contact your doctor without waiting. He can change the drug by making the necessary analyzes and examinations.
I don’t think it’s a permanent problem. Keep your peace of mind.

lest you be sad…
I have been married for 4 months. in relationship I have constant pain. My partner I didn’t say anything so you wouldn’t be upset. but to hold on it’s hard too. from appendicitis I had surgery. Could it have anything to do with it?
WHAT YOU TOLD The subject may indicate a very important disease.
Obstetrician’s examination is required.
Almost half of women may experience pain during intercourse. There may be pain from the first sexual intercourse. Pain that occurs during sexual intercourse afterward may be due to changes in the woman’s mental state, gynecological diseases or previous surgical procedures. If there is no problem after the examination, a psychologist’s opinion is required.

I’m 55. two months during intercourse with my wife My erection problem started. But whatever I did no. entered andropause can i be
PANIC no. There is control.
Andropause is not expected at this age.
But you should get your hormones checked. About one-third of men over the age of 50 with erectile dysfunction have hypogonadism, or testosterone hormone deficiency. Impotence, that is, inability to get an erection, may occur in thyroid insufficiency, excess of prolactin hormone, and excess of thyroid hormone.
Diabetics also face this problem frequently.
FSH, LH, testosterone and prolactin and sugar loading test must be done.

In my wife’s liver cancer is out. Is being treated. He also quit his job. now constantly He wants to have intercourse. What would you recommend to us?
FIRSTLY The desire for sexual intercourse of adults is a natural desire. Regardless of the disease, it can reduce the desire for sexual intercourse.
Therefore, in this case, this will is a positive sign of emotional states such as the will to live, self-confidence.
It would be appropriate to get information about your physical performance from your follow-up doctors.
Menopause is a natural process.
It is not a disease. It does not interfere with sexual intercourse.

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