The Reason Why Buses Rarely Turn Off the Engine When Filling Diesel

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comBus have different habits while being fill in fuel compared to normal vehicles. If the car must turn off the engine when fill fuelmost of the bus leave the engine running.

But there is a reason why buses rarely turn off machine while charging solar. The reason is for the convenience of passengers while waiting for the diesel bus tank to be full.

Kurnia Lesani Adnan, President Director of PO SAN, said the bus engine was kept running for as long as heat fades because there are people in the bus cabin. Given that the bus engine is connected to AC, if the engine is off, the AC is also off.

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“Imagine if the diesel engine is turned off, the AC automatically turns off too. So people are hot inside,” said the man who is familiarly called Sani to Kompas.comFriday (24/6/2022).

Besides, time filling diesel buses tend to be longer than passenger cars with smaller tanks. Buses have a large tank capacity, ranging from 200 liters to 400 liters.

“If you just fill it up for about 30-45 minutes, the queue will be added,” said Sani.

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According to Sani, the configuration of the bus engine which is positioned at the rear reduces the risk of getting burned while filling with diesel. Moreover, for the mouth of the diesel tank on the bus, it is usually located in the middle, slightly ahead.

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“When filling up the fuel dispenser, the distance from the dispenser to the machine is quite far, about 5 meters, so it should be relatively safe,” said Sani.

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