The reason why Julia Roberts shed tears more at opera by Kim Hee-kyung’s Art of 7 and 3

‘The Art of 7 and 3’ contains the lives of artists who left beautiful music and outstanding paintings. 7 and 3 are the 7th gradation of Doremi Fasolashi, and the ‘three primary colors of light’ of red, green, and blue. All works that move and move people’s hearts are born from these seven tones and three primary colors. It is art to think about how to combine them, and to unfold the result.

Whereas Season 1, which was previously serialized, introduced the lives and philosophies of artists, Season 2, under the subtitle ‘Cinematic Art’, tells stories of various arts such as classical music, art, and dance in the film.

The movie ‘Pretty Woman’.

Vivian (Julia Roberts), a beautiful and lovely woman. He enjoys dating Edward (Richard Gere), a charming businessman. In the meantime, I’m going to see an opera.

Vivian is unfamiliar with the opera she has seen for the first time in her life. But you soon fall in love with it. By the time the show is over, I have tears in my eyes. Edward looks at Vivian lovingly, and sends her sad eyes as if her heart is complicated.

A scene from Gary Marshall’s ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990). Many people will love and remember this movie. In that scene, Vivian wearing a red dress and looking at the opera with an excited expression was also very impressive.

But why did Vivian blush while enjoying the opera? Why did Edward look at Vivian so much?

‘Song of Toast’ from ‘La Traviata’. /Metropolitan Opera YouTube Channel

The opera they saw together was ‘La Traviata’ by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), an Italian musician. It is a work that many people know even under the title of ‘Chun-hee’. It is one of Verdi’s most famous operas and the most performed opera in the world.

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Once you know what the opera is about, you’ll understand what they’re doing. The opera is based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Dumas II. It tells the story of a prostitute, Violetta, who meets and falls in love with a noble young man, Alfredo. The two fall in love, but they are separated by Alfredo’s father. And Violetta eventually contracted pulmonary tuberculosis and died.

Vivian in the movie has many similarities to Violetta. Vivian also comes out as a prostitute running around the streets. Similarly, she meets and falls in love with Edward. It can be seen that Vivian’s name is also derived from Violetta.

Vivian’s eyes lit up while watching the opera because she felt empathy for Violetta. Also, Edward knew the sadness and looked at it with affection.

Giuseppe Verdi.
Giuseppe Verdi.

Verdi, who made this work, has created so many operas that he is called ‘the king of operas’. His works such as ‘Rigoletto’, ‘Aida’ and ‘Nabucco’ are often performed on the stage to this day. A lot of people also like the aria called ‘a woman’s heart’ in ‘Rigoletto’. It was adapted with the lyrics, “Give me some time. I have a place to go,” and it was also used as domestic commercial music.

‘A woman’s heart’ from ‘Rigoletto’./Metropolitan Opera YouTube channel

Among Verdi’s works, ‘La Traviata’ is an opera that contains his life itself. Because he drew his own love story. Verdi had a woman he had been dating for 12 years. She is Giuseppina Strafoni, who was a soprano.

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Before meeting Strafoni, he married another woman and had two children. However, after four years of marriage, his wife and children all died of illness. Verdi was shocked and grieved. Strephony stayed by Verdi’s side and fell deeply in love.

It was thanks to the opera that the two met. Verdi made the opera ‘Nabucco’ at the request of a friend, and Strafoni appeared in this work.

Strafoni was originally famous and popular. But while she was never married, she gave birth to the children of her ex. She lost her popularity for this reason.

However, it was successful again with Verdi’s opera. Verdi also did this work and began to rise above his pain. So the two depended on each other and were comforting.

Giuseppina Strephony.
Giuseppina Strephony.

However, Verdi’s family and those around him strongly opposed the two. It was because of Strafoni’s past. Strafoni was hesitant to develop the relationship, thinking that she herself did not deserve to be Verdi’s wife.

But Verdi stayed by his side with absolute faith and deep love. Despite the opposition of his parents, he did not break up. The villagers who created all kinds of rumors also stayed away from them. After that, he left town with Strafoni and headed for the countryside.

Verdi made ‘La Traviata’ full of the emotional pain he felt during this process and the love he has kept strong despite this. He gave his first gig at the age of forty, telling his story to the world.

Unfortunately, the premiere was unsuccessful. At the time, audiences said the opera was considered overly experimental. Verdi made some modifications to the piece in a flexible manner, and the re-enactment was a huge success.

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The main aria of the work was also very much loved. Among them, ‘Song of Toast’ is also used in advertisements and many people are familiar with it.

“Let’s have fun, glasses and songs and laughter make the night beautiful. A new day dawns for us in this paradise.” This aria is a song that appears at the beginning of the opera, and contains the appearance of nobles having a splendid party and enjoying pleasure.

The movie 'Pretty Woman'.
The movie ‘Pretty Woman’.

And when Verdi turned 46, the two finally got married. We cherished and loved each other for over 50 years, including the 12 years we lived together. It has a different happy ending from the tragic death of Violetta in ‘La Traviata’.

Verdi seems to be able to find ways to maintain various relationships with family, friends, and colleagues as well as lovers. ‘La Traviata’ is Italian for ‘Lost Woman’. Be a light to the people you love so they don’t get lost in each other’s way, and keep quiet by their side. Isn’t that the way to make a happy ending together?

By Kim Hee-kyung, staff reporter [email protected]

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