The reason why Wanda Nara’s environment does not support L-Gante was known

Wanda Nara came back very close to L-Gante And till accompanied him to the Gardel Awards ceremony. However, the referent of cumbia 420 paid him in an unexpected way: he said present at the avant premiere of Objectsthe film in which he stars China Suarez and even posed with the actress for the cameras. after the betrayal, kennys palaciosthe businesswoman’s friend and confidante, destroyed the musician.

This Thursday on the air LAM (America), Ángel de Brito defined the stylist as “the brain of Wanda Nara”. “I collaborate because I know when there is someone I don’t like and I tell him, “he clarified emphatically.

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True to her style, Yanina Latorre questioned mischievously: “Like L-Ghent? Because you were one of his detractors.” Far from backing down, Kennys said: “He didn’t do anything to me, but he is a person who never closed me completely because there were things that Wanda did not tell me and all the media knew about it. In other words, there were things that he and his people leaked ”.

Wanda Nara and L-Gante attended the 2023 Gardel Awards and were seen very close (Photo: Movilpress)

Asked if he thinks the musician used his friend for the press, he agreed. “He is known, but I I think Wanda gave him a good help with the song they released”, he opined in reference to “The last romantic”.

China Suárez with L-Gante at the premiere of “Objects”. (Photo: Movilpress)

What Kennys Palacios said about the meeting between China Suárez and L-Gante

Regarding the play of L-Gantewho went with Wanda Nara to the Gardel Awards and who the next day went to the avant premiere of the film starring China Suárez, Kennys Palacios said: “I’m glad these things happen so that they realize the people next to them and those with zero codes. It’s not that I’m happy, but it’s good that she realizes it.

Regarding Wanda’s reaction when she saw the photos of the musician and the actress, she assured that she did not give it importance. “She had not found out, a friend sent us the capture, but the truth is that she is beyond. She sucks him an egg. (…) Right now she is living the dream of being a driver, ”she closed.

Kennys Palacios with Wanda Nara. (Photo: Instagram kennyspalacios)

“Do you feel that this adds to Wanda or harms her?” Marixa Balli wanted to know. “No, I always disagreed with that video clip being recorded”, acknowledged the stylist.

As for how the businesswoman takes her opinions, Kennys mused, “She’s big and knows what she’s doing.” Marcela Feudale wanted her to speculate about why she thinks she didn’t listen to him: “I think he did it to make Mauro jealous”.

Kennys Palacios spoke without a filter about L-Gante. (Photo: Capture America)

Who were the people who stopped Wanda Nara so that she could not live her romance with L-Gante

Although they never confirmed it and put together a great novel around their relationship, Wanda Nara y L-Gante They lived a romance as intense as it was brief. After several months apart, days ago they met at the Bresh and they greeted each other. As a result of that meeting, Yanina Latorre surprised the reveal the secret story behind the breakup.

Wanda Nara and L-Gante continue to play mystery with their followers. (Photo: instagram/lgante_keloke)

“The romance was real and it was a relationship”the little angel assured. After remarking that the businesswoman did not exceed Mauro Icardi’s deception with China SuárezHe maintained that he decided to come to Argentina to work, where he met the benchmark of Cumbia 420 and was “hooked”.

“They were there for three months and they did not hide… She got hooked and bet on that relationship, but she began to have a lot of obstacles, he pointed. Then he indicated that neither family nor friends supported her with that romance.

L-Gante and Wanda Nara in the video clip: “The last romantic” (Photo: Instagram / lgante_keloke)

“First Zaira, which did not bank her a bit. After Mother, that she was totally angry and didn’t want to know anything. And finally, Kenny Palaces, with whom he had a strong fight after twenty years of friendship”, he listed. By way of closure, Latorre commented that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when her children pointed at her.

In December Wanda ended up leaving him to L-Gante because Icardi put his children against him“, revealed. “She put everything on the scale and realized that if he had everything against him, the conditions were not right to continue. She resumed her relationship with Icardi, they rowed her and they are fine, ”she concluded.

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