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The announcement of the wedding is an important message that is not destined to go unnoticed. According to reports Page Six, Britney Spears he would have decided to delete his profile Instagram to say something more and to affirm itself after the painful 13 years of tutelage that have been discussed for so long.

“He is happy and in a great place. Silence is a powerful message and this is her decision “, say the official sources, according to which the pop star would be well supported in her choice to take a break from social networks, favored by the new life path she has undertaken with her partner Sam Asghari, who also decided to marry.

The official confirmation came from the person directly concerned, who intervened on Twitter to update his followers on the recent changes affecting his online life: “Don’t worry folks… I’m just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement. I will be back soon!”.

The big step of the marriage was decided in a reasoned way, after five years of dating Asghari. After the proposal, Britney Spears she said she was thrilled to have waited until the right moment. However, it is not uncommon for artists and people known to the public to prefer to leave social media to devote themselves to their private life, especially when this involves a turning point to which attention must be paid. And not just for the marriage imminent.

Spears has indeed freed herself from the tutelage of her father Jamie, after a summer spent fighting and involving fans in her struggle for freedom. The support from the public was not lacking, until the day when she proudly showed the engagement ring that tied her permanently to her partner.

Thus began a new chapter in the artist’s life, who is trying to put aside the pain of years spent under guardianship to build a normal existence, one that has been stolen from it for too long. Britney, however, it will come back. Maybe on the day of her wedding with Sam Asghari who returned her smile.


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