The rebel leader of the former Colombia returns to regret for the peace agreement –


BOGOTA, Colombia – A former Colombian rebel leader resurfaced in a video months after turning his back on the peace process amid a drug trafficking probe in the United States.

Luciano Marin says in the video that he deplores the decision of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to hand over its weapons under the 2016 peace agreement, accusing the government of betraying its commitments to the guerrillas.

The former chief negotiator of peace of the FARC, better known by the pseudonym Ivan Marquez, does not reveal his position in the video published Saturday by the left Bolivarian Press Agency.

He had not been seen since August when he had dismissed his government bodyguards and left a seat at the congress.

US officials are investigating Marquez for alleged drug trafficking that took place after the signing of the peace agreement.

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