Technology the recap 'of last night's event

the recap ‘of last night’s event

Sony last night held an event dedicated to PlayStation 5. If the brand of course took advantage of this meeting to unveil new titles, it especially took the opportunity to shed light on the selling price of its consoles … but also on their release date.

As we mentioned a little earlier this morning, we therefore know that the PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19, at prices set at € 399.99 for the model without an optical drive and € 499.99 for the one equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

Sony promises to notify us in advance of the opening of pre-orders for the PlayStation 5

But that’s not all. Sony also created a surprise by announcing the opening of pre-orders … for today. And obviously, many of you have relieved yourself of the requested amount. All the brands are announcing that they are out of stock.

Still, the brand has not only focused on its new consoles and their price. She also unveiled new gameplay videos, interspersed with several top notch announcements.

Final Fantasy XVI

Sony opened the ball rolling with a trailer dedicated to Final Fantasy XVI. Unsurprisingly, the new episode of the famous franchise will also be released on the PlayStation 5.

Small disappointment, however, the images broadcast during the event are actually from the PC version of the title. A totally incomprehensible choice, but which may be explained by the current health situation. Many studios have been forced to adopt telecommuting, which also translates into a lack of responsiveness.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Miles Morales was also in the spotlight. The PlayStation 5 will indeed be able to count on a new episode of Spider-Man, an episode which will honor the character introduced in the last animated feature film released in theaters.

Insomniac Games has once again done a great job. The only downside, the title is ultimately very similar to Spider-Man in 2018 and we obviously hope that he will also be able to move away from it in order to find his own voice.

On the other hand, the lighting effects are impressive and finally give us a good idea of ​​the technical prowess of which the PlayStation 5 is capable. Ditto for the weather effects which should bring even more realism to the title.

Hogwarts Legacy

It was undoubtedly the big surprise of the evening. The PlayStation 5 will be entitled to an RPG from the world of the famous Harry Potter.

Called Hogwarts Legacy, the latter will take place in the 19th century and it will place us in the shoes of a wizard or a witch freshly arrived at Hogwarts. It will then be up to us to discover the many mysteries hidden in the most prestigious school of magic in the world.

And we have to admit it, this first appetizer is rather convincing. We find the atmosphere specific to the films, but also and especially to the work of JK Rowling. The possibilities seem numerous and we obviously can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to be patient, as Hogwarts Legacy won’t be released until next year. A small price to pay for having the badge of honor of flying on the back of a griffin.

Resident Evil VIII Village

The PlayStation 5 will also make you tremble and it will be able to count on the competition of Resident Evil VIII Village, the new episode of the famous franchise of Capcom.

Still, Sony took the opportunity to release a brand new trailer. Very impressive, the latter presents the title from a slightly different angle, but it also gives us a very clear idea of ​​its atmosphere, a decidedly dark atmosphere of course.

Call of Duty Black ops

We were talking about it earlier, but Call of Duty Black Ops will be one of the titles that will accompany the PlayStation 5 on November 19.

And once again, it’s hard not to be impressed with the streak unveiled last night. A sequence focusing on the solo mode of the title and which gives us a fairly precise idea of ​​what awaits us.

On the program, therefore, increased realism thanks to very well managed lighting effects, but also a little more rhythmic gameplay. And of course, it will always be possible to count on a rich arsenal, but also on state-of-the-art equipment. The possibilities will therefore be numerous.


Also in the spotlight was Arkane Studios’ latest title. Deathloop was thus revealed through a new rhythmic trailer.

The concept, of course, has not changed. The title will place you in the shoes of an assassin who will have to eliminate 8 targets to break the time loop in which he is locked. Only problem, in front, he will find another assassin who will do everything to put a stick in his wheels. A rather original concept and which should allow the title to meet some success in multiplayer.

At least when he comes out. Deathloop won’t arrive on PS5 until 2021.

Devil May Cry 5 (special edition)

Devil May Cry 5 will also be back on PlayStation 5, but through a special edition.

Offered in dematerialized version, the title of Capcom will benefit from a small facelift and it will therefore be able to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the PlayStation 5. By this mean that ray tracing will be in the spotlight, for slightly more realistic light effects.

Note that Devil May Cry 5 (special edition) will be available at the console launch on November 19.

Demon’s Souls

The PlayStation 5 will also be able to count on Demon’s Soul when it launches. Or rather on its remake.

No change in form. The title will place us face to face with hordes of demons, demons that will be difficult to get rid of. Very demanding, Demon’s Souls will indeed not be put in everyone’s hands and players who are not very patient or nervous will probably have an interest in passing their turn.

Still, if the adventure tempts you, then know that Demon’s Souls will be released on November 19 alongside the PlayStation 5. And as we can see in the video, realism will once again be required.

Oddworld Soulstorm

This is not necessarily the title that made the most dreams, but Oddworld Soulstorm was also in the spotlight during the conference.

Sony has indeed taken the opportunity to broadcast a new two-minute video, a video that has not necessarily taught us much more about the title, but which at least has the merit of including a lot of gameplay sequences. … Interspersed with some explanations.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

Fans of horrific titles will no doubt be happy to learn that the PlayStation 5 will be accompanied by Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, a title that may stick a few cold sweats.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan to upgrade to the next gen right away, then don’t panic, because the title will also be released on PS4. And of course we hope to see new gameplay videos soon.

God of War Ragnarök

Not surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 will also be entitled to their God of War. Baptized Ragnarök, it will not be released until next year, however, and we will therefore have to be patient before we can lay our hands on it.

Meanwhile, Sony should unveil new images, images that will probably not be too much since the teaser broadcast last night did not show much.

And a touch of PlayStation Plus

Important info given last night, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to get their hands on several flagship titles of the PlayStation 4 without having to go back to the cash register.

Sony has also been quite generous and the list in question includes a lot of heads known as Uncharted 4 : A Thieft’s End, God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and many others.



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