Entertainment the receipt goes around the web

the receipt goes around the web

Breakfast a little too “salty” for a Milanese cyclist passing through Florence who reported on social media that he had paid a bill for am 15 euros per two croissants and two cappuccinos. The tourist, traveling with his partner, published the photo of the receipt sparking numerous comments and told the story without specifying the bar, but explaining that it is located in the center and that he was invited to consume sitting at the table once entered.

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He paid nine euros for the two hot drinks and six euros for two empty croissants. «I understand everything, but not even in Piazza Duomo in Milan do you spend so much … It was all so fast that we didn’t even have time to understand if the prices were displayed at the counter and reported on the menu at the table. And when we went to pay they didn’t even give us the receipt », says the tourist on Facebook.

The young man has added that he had paid and left without protesting. The cost of the breakfast would be motivated by the reputation of the place. The ‘record’ receipt, however, still sparked the social controversy.

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