The reconstruction of the meeting between Jorge Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu of Mundo Deportivo

Sports world summarizes yesterday’s meeting between Jorge Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu. The positions of the two sides continue to be very distant and the meeting ended with a stalemate. Everything took place in a very relaxed and cordial atmosphere, without tension. In the hour and a half of confrontation, the president recalled that the player’s contract expires in 2021 and that he has a clause of 700 million still valid. Barcelona want him to stay because he is central to Koeman’s project and has proposed renewal for 2 years. In no case, however, the club is willing to negotiate the departure of its phenomenon.

On the other hand, there was Jorge together with Rodrigo (Lionel’s brother) and the lawyer Jorge Pecourt, who also dealt with the problems with the tax authorities the player had in the past. The father-agent reaffirmed the intention to terminate the contract, as communicated via burofax, and the certainty that the clause can no longer be activated. When Bartomeu told him about the renewal, Jorge would have said: “But if Leo doesn’t want to stay, how can we renew the contract?”. The answer of the number one would have been: “How can he leave, if he is still one of us?”, Making it clear that a possible transfer to Manchester City would not guarantee him certain victories, given that Guardiola has not won the Champions League for several years. In short, the stalemate continues, but there could be news already today.


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