The red pepper group steals the jewelry in Dubai


The red pepper group steals the jewelry in Dubai

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The Dubai crimes in the United Arab Emirates are considered the case of a writer of Asian nationality who was dragged and three others in a nervous organization: he sold a jewelry store, stole 43,600 dirhams ($ 11,945) and one machine to withdraw credit cards. Before he stole it.

According to the newspaper "Emirates Today", the victim said he received a call from someone who told him that he has a quantity of antique gold and wants to sell it, and told him he has a credit card and wants to withdraw the sum of 45 thousand dirhams on a percentage, and because his company provides this type of services He told him he was busy and asked him to meet him at his workplace. The victim agreed to buy gold and went to the agreed address.

He came to the scene first, and the accused witnessed and shook him, but was surprised by another person who from the back red eyes eyes, felt very warm, and put his hand on his face for feeling that he had lost the ability to see, while retiring the accused (who was arrested) He tried to reach them, but without success he called the police.

The defendants pleaded guilty to the accident with three others: the three went to the scene of the robbery after he continued with the victim and forced them to the agreement, attacking the victim with the second defendant while the third looked at him.

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