The redesign that Apple prepares with iOS 15: New icons that give the clue

A change of ‘look’, of appearance, never hurts. In fact, surprising the mobile user in each new version of an operating system is something common and appreciated – although we must maintain that difficult balance between novelty and satisfying users who want everything to continue as it was. And Apple could be preparing the same for its next OS.

IOS 15 icons

The Apple Music for Artists app allows artists to know the performance of their music on services and platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes or Shazam. And whoever uses it has found a curious change, since a couple of days ago Apple updated the app, in an update that also modified its own icon on the mobile screen.

An icon that changes the design as we see, keeping the same design of the musical note but minimizing the colors even more, going from a multicolored fan to a single one.

On the left the old Apple Music for Artists icon, on the right the new

It is also striking to resort to a completely white background and frame it with a continuous line of color around the logo itself, exactly like the App Store application, which happened to have this same framing design – but in blue – last year.

The design of iOS 15

Obviously, this has triggered the buzz on the Net, and fans and users have quickly started speculating on Apple’s next big update for its iPhones: iOS 15. Currently in development, iOS 15 will be the successor to the current iOS 14 and we will see it officially next June 7th, when Apple will present it alongside iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and macOS 12.

On the left the old App Store icon, on the right the new

Apple already took advantage of the macOS Big Sur update to change many of the icons from the previous version of macOS and implement a new design in these. On Reddit and other sites speculate that these changes to two icons in iOS 14 could be un preamble to the general design that icons will have in iOS 15. Although they could also stay that way and be the only two iOS application icons that have this finish.

We will remain vigilant to see if Apple modifies more icons, which would already be a clearer indicator of a more widespread change in the new iPhone OS.

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