The referendum and the amnesty reinforce the pride of being Spanish

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In the midst of a public debate on the price that the pro-independence parties have put on their support for the re-election of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government in an investiture – which includes amnesty for those convicted of the illegal 1-O referendum and a self-determination referendum in Catalonia -, patriotism is a feeling that is rising in Spain until reaching maximum levels. He 77,4% of citizens today feel very or quite proud of the nationality they display in their passports, six tenths more than exactly a year ago.

This is the main conclusion of a survey carried out by Sigma Two for THE WORLD on the occasion of the celebration of October 12, which also confirms that ideological preferences have relative weight in this matter. Of the four formations that have the greatest number of seats in the Congress of Deputies, only Sumar voters distance themselves from the majority opinion current: even so, more than half of those who endorsed the candidacy led by Yolanda at the polls Díaz in the last general elections claimed to feel satisfied with the country to which they belong.

With a sample of 2,603 ​​telephone interviews carried out between Monday and Wednesday of this week, the survey also confirms that PP militants and sympathizers are those who most widely express their pride in being Spanish, with a 93,8% of the total. They are closely followed by the citizens who on July 23 opted for the Vox ballot (88,5%) and those who supported the PSOE acronym (80,8%).

In the “rest of parties” category, which includes voters from pro-independence, nationalist and regionalist forces, patriotic sentiment plummets, on average, to 57%. In any case, it represents a figure slightly higher than that of the 55,7% which represent those who gave their support to Sumar, the brand with which they participated in the elections jointly, among other formations, Podemos, United Left, Compromís y More Country.

If we go into detail about the nation’s pride expressed by a very large majority, on a scale of one to 10, citizens give the highest score to gastronomy (8,7), followed by culture (8), the history (7,5) and the Constitution (7,2), the same ranking copied from last year but with a noticeably higher score in all categories. In the lower part of the table, on the other hand, they place the monarchy (5,5) behind the anthem (6,5) and folklore, the flag and sports teams, with a triple tie in a rating 6,8.

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