the Region is in the highest risk range

Italy turns dark red again, the highest risk band in the color map of the ECDC (the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) and Sicily is no exception. The graphics in question are processed on the basis of the new Covid cases recorded in the last 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants and the positive rate between the tests carried out, weighted by the vaccination rate of the population. According to the latest update, almost all Italian regions are in dark red. Only Piedmont, Trentino and Valle d’Aosta remain in light red.

What does this map mean?

How should the color map of the ECDC be read? Starting from February 1, 2022, the European Council asked the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control to rank the EU Member States according to an indicator based on the 14-day notification rate, weighted with data on administrations of the anti Covid vaccine.

This is the formula used for the indicator:

Weighted Rate = (C + C * (100-V) / 100) / 2 (where C is the 14-day case notification rate in the specific region and V is the level of vaccine administration in the region).
As for the color coding and the threshold, however, we have:

green, if the weighted rate is less than 40;
orange, if the weighted rate is less than 100 but 40 or more;
red, if the weighted rate is less than 300 but equal to or greater than 100;
dark red, if the weighted rate is 300 or more;
dark gray, if the test rate is 600 or less;
gray, if insufficient data is available.

Should we worry?

According to the latest weekly report from the World Health Organization on the progress of Covid, the advance of the sub-variant Omicron Ba.5 continues globally. As for Italy, “the cases are on the rise because there is a greater diffusivity of this variant. We do not have to worry, but what we recommend is vaccinating those over 80 with the fourth dose, it is important not to postpone, and continue to wear the mask which remains the main prevention tool “, said Alessio D’Amato, councilor for health of the Lazio region.

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