Business the registration of the real name will be necessary...

the registration of the real name will be necessary in order to play video games –

Starting next September in China a new digital system for checking people’s identity will debut. To videogiocarein fact, it will be necessary signing in using your real name and identity documents. Two giants like Tencent and NetEase, moreover, are already ready with their systems that even require facial recognition.

As an extreme gesture to try to limit the time spent in front of video games by minors, the Chinese government has finally managed to get to the long path that will allow it to establish a new control system. Those who want to log in to play a video game will have to do so using their real name and data. From September, all game makers will have to align with government guidelines and prevent users from accessing it without the required data.

In this way the state will be able to control who is playing, so as to impose the default maximum time game for minors. A time of 90 minutes on working days and a maximum of three hours on the weekend.

The giants of Chinese technology have already integrated this new system into their infrastructure, so much so that they are beginning to see the first results of this choice. In fact, some young people have already been discovered to use i documents relatives to get around this block or are crowding the arcade rooms for the same reason. For this reason too, Honor of Kings, the eastern version of Arena of Valor, has already integrated a facial recognition system into the game.

Despite the positive intent, it is not the first very stringent law that the Chinese government has imposed on the video game industry. There are rules that limit how we create the economic model and even a squeeze censorship on the content that can be published.

Would you agree if the Italian State wanted to limit video games to minors in this way?


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