The release time of the Avengers 4 trailer was "leaked" when Hollywood Insider revealed it's TODAY


Avengers 4 hype is at the highest levels, with fans clamoring for news on the release of the trailer.

Now it seems that the release time of the Avengers 4 trailer has been leaked by a notorious Hollywood member Daniel R.

On Twitter, he said that the Marvel Studios would premiere the Avengers 4 "trailer at around 9:00 am EST".

This is combined with other losses this week, with other insiders saying the trailer would be due today.

On Sunday, the studio announced the second trailer of Captain Marvel during ESPN's Monday Night Football and a new poster.

In comparison there was no problem for Avengers 4 and no comment from Disney or Marvel.

Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted all late in the evening Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released on ABC Good Morning America on November 29th 2017.

The pop of Thanos wiped out half the population

Scoopers said originally that the new trailer would arrive on Wednesday, but was later reported to have been delayed due to President George H. Bush's funeral.

Another unconfirmed entry on Thursday said the first movie will not give away the title – another thing fans have hypothesized about.

Earlier it was said that the title will be Avengers: Annihilation, even if this was rejected.

Recently, Russian has said that "we can or can not" see a trailer for Avengers "before the calendar returns to 2019".

In June, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige said the trailer would arrive after the promotion of Captain Marvel.

Would this be good?

We just dropped the trailer for the HBO Game of Thrones trailer at Comic Con Brazil, so it's not plausible that another trailer arrives there.

What do you think?


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