The remains of Homo georgicus from 1.8 million years ago. Historical discovery in Georgia

Georgian archaeologists found on Saturday, September 11, very well-preserved remains of the ancient ancestors of Homo sapiens, dating back 1.77-1.84 million years. The discovery was made at the archaeological site in the village of Orozmani, about 100 km south-west of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The site is in close proximity to another very important site – the city of Dmanisi, where the earliest known remains of a prehistoric man outside of Africa were discovered. The remains of the so-called “Dmanisi man” or “Homo georgicus” was discovered in the early 1990s and is estimated to be 1.8 million years ago. On the tree of evolution, it was placed between Homo habilis and Homo erectus. Prior to this discovery, it was believed that Homo erectus arrived in Europe from Africa about a million years ago, but the discovery in Georgia completely changed this theory. It turned out that prehistoric man came from Africa to Europe almost twice earlier and then …


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farmer1.8 million is it before Adam or after Eve?

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1.8 million is it before Adam or after Eve?

Even then, there was a homo, and PiS and the church say that it was an ideology and there were no such people before the left wing was formed

Oh, they have with these guys.


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It is slowly starting to discover that not all humanity is necessarily from Africa, more and more discoveries indicate that there were several centers of “humanization”. There are already the first protests of the Africans 🙂

So the Aliens program is proof of the life of people on Earth much earlier. Aliens are among us! And that’s why we have such differences.

The truth about 500+

3 hours ago

The world was created 5443 years eight months and 22 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes ago. This is about a minute of time for the creators who were Aliens. The aliens were short, fat, and created the world by mistake. The vote is currently underway to reverse the error. After re-consumption, if a correction is passed, in approximately 5.56 seconds (500 years) the world will be canceled.

And because it is known what age we are, how many sunrises and sunsets there were … how many full moon … Who will count it?

What a spread – 70 thousand years. Think what kind of worms we are

these scientists did not go to black school because they talk so much that every man is a homo and that the ancestors of the pope came from Africa and not from god with a bible in their hands


17 h ago

WHOLE !! the history of the world is DISTANT! Tall people lived in the 19th century! 3m high. We are in 1021 or so! either 1700 or 2050. Various calendars have been manipulated.


“It turned out that the prehistoric man came from Africa to Europe almost twice before.”

Homo is an ideology prior to writing.

examine the remains for female cuts

They were in Georgia under rubble.

I wonder how these primitive tools were dated – a method by eye or by anger?

And it pleases, and even more so, that the retreating glaciers will show even more of what was in the past. These are the pluses of global warming!

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