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A few days ago, with reference to an Arab journalist, we reported that on the passage of the main plot of a remake Resident evil 2most likely, it will take 10 hours.
From the girl's short sentence and the translation at our disposal, we have assumed that we are still talking about the total duration of both campaigns, but now a full-fledged interview has appeared Saudi player with the team Capcomfrom which it became clear – it will take 10 hours for each story.

It turns out that the remake of the main story of the remake will take four times longer than the original – 20 hours against the classic story of Leon and Claire with a duration of 5 hours. Do not forget that the remake will also return additional modes for the mercenary Khank ("The Fourth Survivor") and the Tofu cheese ("The Surviving Tofu").

In the same interview, one of the developers of the new version of Resident Evil 2 commented on the reasons why only 28% of those who launched the demo version of the project were able to complete it.

He believes that the point is the freedom of choice. Someone could run headlong, just to see the ending, but on the contrary, someone decided to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and study every available corner … which, of course, was not enough for a 30-minute sampler.

Exit remake will be held on January 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can play the demo version, which two million people have tried in a week, until January 31st.


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