The remarkable BioNTech difference at the 3rd dose: It increases 20 times

Faculty members of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology and Medical Microbiology under the coordination of CU Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Public Health Department, determined that the antibody levels of people who received two doses of Sinovac vaccine decreased at the end of the 6th month. Stating that they especially focused on the importance of repeated doses in the study, Professor of Public Health Department of CU Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Ferdi Tanır said that 235 healthcare professionals who received two doses of Sinovac, 3 doses of Sinovac and two doses of Sinovac plus one dose of BioNTech vaccine participated in the study. Emphasizing that antibody levels increase with repeated doses called booster, Prof. Dr. Tanir stated that no protective antibodies were detected in 17 percent of those who received only two doses of Sinovac vaccine within the scope of the study.


Noting that after two doses of vaccine, regardless of the type of vaccine, all those who received the third dose of vaccine gave positive results, Tanır said. In the group that received two doses of Sinovac vaccine, we saw that the antibody level decreased by an average of 60 percent. This shows that the repeat dose is vital. If we can increase the rate of both two-dose BioNTech and three-dose vaccines to over 70 percent in the general population, we will become very strong against the epidemic. ” said.

prof. Dr. Tanir added that only 3.4 percent of those who received two or three doses of vaccines within the scope of the study caught the coronavirus, but none of them had to be hospitalized.

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