the republicans try to hide their divisions

Republican elected official Liz Cheney visits Congress at the Capitol in Washington, DC on February 3.

For hours, the Republican elected officials of the House meeting behind closed doors on Wednesday, February 3, debated a family quarrel. It concerned two women who are completely opposed: Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The two congressmen had been the subject for weeks, for diametrically opposed reasons, of threats of sanctions. No disciplinary measure was decided on Wednesday, however, for lack of consensus.

The quarrel is not anecdotal. It is not limited to the fate of these two strong personalities. On the contrary, it illustrates the confrontation between two currents that have become antagonistic and its outcome could have a lasting impact on the identity of the “Grand Old Party”.

Liz Cheney is implicated for having voted January 13 in favor of impeachment of Donald Trump for his presumed influence in the assault by some of his followers against Congress on January 6. This vote is considered a crime of lese majesty by the faithful of the former president.

Liz Cheney is a figure of the Republican Party as it existed before 2016. Daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney (2001-2009), she has served in the House of Representatives of Congress since 2014 as an elected member of her family stronghold, Wyoming. She is number three in the Republican minority, a title her opponents wanted to take away from her.

Complicated cohabitation

The second, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is a new avatar of the anti-establishment mainstream that has plagued the “Grand Old Party” for decades. Elected in Georgia in November 2020 in an impregnable conservative constituency, she imposed herself by taking radical positions hailed by Donald Trump. But she also disturbed her camp by her companionship with the QAnon conspiracy movement.

She thus denied in the past the attack on the Pentagon which took place during the attacks of September 11 and adopted a theory according to which devastating fires in California could have been caused from space by a laser beam, in the initiative of the Democratic governor of the state and the Rothschild bank.

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She also described the mass massacres perpetrated in 2012 and 2018 in schools in Sandy Hook (Connecticut) and Parkland (Florida) as staged by opponents of the right to own and bear firearms. Before being elected, she had also shared on social networks a call to lodge ” a ball in the head “ of the current president (speaker) House Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

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